6 World Most Beautiful Woman

If you are looking for "the most beautiful woman or girl in the world" by Google search engine, you will find 98,900,000 links,wow and how about "the most beautiful woman or girl in Asia" and the result is 6,150,000 links,and try to search "the most beautiful woman or girl in Indonesia" with Google search engine or "wanita/cewek tercantik di Indonesia" and you will get 303,000 links. Those search queries will make you confuse, and let me tell you whose are the most beautiful woman and girl in the world,also the most beautiful woman in Indonesia a.k.a wanita atau cewek tercantik di Indonesia.But,you can complain if these women i declare as six most beautiful girl in the world.Here are:

Number 6.Cheryl Tweedy

Number 5.Aishwarya Rai

Number 4.Keeley Hazell (Keleey Hazel)

Number 3.Kim Kardashian

Number 2.Angelina Jolie

Number 1.Fika Lidya a.k.a Fika Lydia Alberto

So,what do you think?? I take Fika Lidya as the most beautiful girl in the world also the sexyest girl in the world (cewek tercantik dan terseksi di Indonesia), she is so adoreable, has beauty outside and inside. And the most important she is my lovely wife, my life. No for Jessica Alba, Tamara Bleszinsky, Sandra Dewi, Megan Fox. Do i must fill with many titles such as the most sexy girl, women, woman in the world, the beauty lady across universe, and the ever miss universe, the most pretty girl in the world. In Indonesia: Cewek Tercantik di Dunia, Cewek Terseksi di Indonesia, Wanita Terindah dari Indonesia untuk dunia.

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