Who Are Being My Motivation

Tonight, i post this one with tears in my eyes (even i am not crying) but what i see and what i hear sometime make me can not breath anymore. Days to days, everything is gonna change...One best quote still i remember with is "the only not change is it's change". I could not refresh that everything were happened, but i can starting with new hope, new hard work, new support, new motivation to standing up and reach my dreams that queque come to my life.

I believe that we are not same, not similar in destiny but God has secret for each of us. When i see my lovely wife's eyes i will see the future that God transfer with her. And i see my daughter's face, i will see that the responsibilities arrange by God. Also i see my son's smile, that is mean i will success to make my dreams come true.

Here are the motivators of my life (for now and can be update)
1. God The Almighty
2. My Lovely wife Fika Lidya (Lydia), My Beautiful princess Chayara Asylla Barbie, My Charming son Pangeran Mohammad Fawwaz Maxellio
3. University of life
4. Parents
5. The Success Peoples
6. End of days

Note: i writing this post at late night and do not have a plan to post (with my headache), if you mind with this posting, leave your comment.

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