Why Must Post in English? It is Better than Bahasa

Terrible, my Alexa is down to 8 digits (for this blog). But its not for my monetize blog, happy for while. I must bring my traffic back, i have to do what its must to do. I left my official blog after its blogger theme (blogspot skin) was changed for two weeks, and i get the effects. Even almost two years i did not update my blog, but for this article and also this are getting many visitors. These articles help keep my official blog traffic.

And what must i do now? Will i post all my article in English and make huge backlinks? I think these are not the solution. When i wrote in Bahasa before, visitors came and red my articles, also without a lot of backlink. People said, Let its flow like water ; and i think that is a good quote for me. If i want to reach my golden egg, i must acting like gold in all of life parts and being an egg, usefull for everyone.


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