Wow,it is my first TIME

Do you know, what will happen tomorrow.After almost for six months i am working with Swiss Red Cross, i decide to resign and stop being what they said "health officer".
Maybe it is a hard decision last week,but now i try to find what are the advantages?
=Far away with my life (Fika Lidya) and my angel (Chayara Asylla)
=Could not practice my medical background as a Doctor
=Without fixed reward that i hope before
=Many decision that made by boss stayed in different opinion with me
=When the proper time come?
=Always being underdog
and enough, there are other world outside that can use my ability,and the point is i am happy near to my lovely family.
What i will take tomorrow is the answer for my question six months ago,might this job was my destiny?
I hope God guiding me for my next step.
Hope that i can survive and make my life and my angel happy
Bless my decision God
Love U


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