Sylla got her first ill

yeah,how sad i am.When i came home and got sylla in her first influenza and cough.the fluid flows from her nose and sometime coughing with the sputum.otherwise she's always looking fit and healthy.laughing to me, even crying saw me before (why did you go so long,Pap?).She was looking good eventhough got a sick.Attractively, to much feed, a lot of milk, like a baby without got a medicine did not help decreased her symptons, cause i didnot giving an antibiotic,and when we got her to the paediatric, she had giving a broad spectrum antibiotic,that suprised me,the doctor gave my baby CEFAT (contain Cefadroxil), a highest broad spectrum antibiotic more than penicillin type.oh no, in my daily practise i never gived my patients The CEFAT.but now, the cought and influenza is decreasing (Mami told me by phone).I think the disease that attack Sylla due to bad weather in this area, where sometime rainy and sunny.Or, Sylla got the illess cause by growth.


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