A short story about "sembur"

January 20, 2007

Before,i posted a tittle Sylla got her first ill.Until 2 weeks Sylla still in the disease,that the pediatric said diagnose was Acute Respiratory Infection (ISPA).But,almost 2 bottles CEFAT drunk by her,the disease did not increase into well.That was scaring me and especially Sylla's mami.I thought the ARY disease could not been so long, and sylla got medicines too.

My wife told me about "sembur",a traditional way to release the baby or child from the illness that couldn't well,or using to separate the mystic things those followed.Yeah, i remembered about it,my Mom did it to me when i was a kid.So,we have a plan to taked Sylla into Idi Rayeuk for "sembur" her with " a old smart person" today,but last night,our neighbour taked his family who can doing "sembur".Before the old women did it, i was compressed sylla's temperature with "daun jarak" while sylla slept,and something happen,sylla waked up and cried so loudy.Sylla's sound had not like before.And that old women "ngaji" at 3 pieces of egg.So,sylla can sleep well till morning.And sylla will get 2 time "sembur" next.

This time,i loking sylla so cherr and comfortable without a fever and the cought and influenza were decreased. That was the story about The Power of "Sembur",a traditional way that has a different think wih medical science.


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