New Job, new spirit

Since Monday 28th May,i working fulltime to Swiss Red Cross,and my permanent contract start at 1st June.My first day work is Induction Training about Red Cross in Banda Aceh.New challenge and new knowledge for me.I'm into the office at third day and directly did a meeting with PMI and Blood Transfussion Unit in Sigli Hospital.At Thursday back went to BA for workshop about blood transfussion and long weekend at Friday until Sunday.This week,i will meet chief of Pidie District PMI,going to go to Puskesmas Muara Tiga (my ex workplace) and meeting about Blood Transfusion and HIV screening.May be you'll ask me,why almost all about Blood Transfusion,yeah because Manuela,my SRC Health Delegate half handover me a job to build Blood Bank in Sigli,once of SRC health programs.Beside that my jobs are to support Desa Siaga project and following up Puskesmas Pembantu (Pustu),Pos Bersalin Desa (Polindes) report that help by SRC.
As you red,all my jobs did not directly health service,as doctor, i will not contact with the patient.Something new for me, but i ever dream this job before, as officer employe.NICE,NEW and FULL CHALLENGES.OK,i will tell you later about my job.


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