Late Story

June 22, 2007

Hello all, today i dont wanna tell about sylla can do?just waiting for next month in Sylla 1st birthday.May be a lot of stories about her will blog to u.
Yeah, i told in my last blog we went to Padang.It was so nice, even i could only for 2 days there.And i was happy meet all my families.And especially i met Mom and Sylla, my true love.Wow that was amazing thing in my life.But, sylla could not hold and play with my Padang family, looked scaring on her face.Even to me, sylla had been sad am i.And how her grand ma and grand pa very confused about it.But, i hope i can to meet sylla with Padang families at Fasting Month or Idul Fitri for one week, and hope that sylla will be not scare anymore.
About my job, its more wonderfull, i love believeness that God gave to me.I hope i can hold it in well duties.
Ok just it, i'm hurry for the bus to Langsa, i wanna meet my love both.
see u


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