I should be CHANGED right now!!!

February 08, 2007

What happens when someone slaps ur heart with his talk?

Don't asked me.This is second time someone who gave me a bad sentence,like an arrow shot my heart.So sharply and sickly.I cannot answered with anywords,this "THING" always attack me,badly what THE THING said almost 100% incorrect to the facts.And THE THING is a professional men.I never to imagined THE THING doing this to me.But it was,release it, and let God blessing THE THING

Hello all,especially my trully friend's,thanks for still keepin' contact with me.Hope God always blessing u.With that background and some thing in my mind, I declare to be CHANGED now,ups dont ever think i changing my personality,but i changed my planning,my goals about future.What i have doing right now like unmove.Just accepts what time and situation gave to me.I like be a new men and I must be a greatest men,even not on earth,just enought for my own self and my family.I dont remember,how many time i was changed. But,what i think this time is about my family,about mywife,about mydaughter.Both of them have dreams,the time still so long to be passing.I must reach higher and higher.I'm not satisfy right now,its not enough.My Uncle ever told me "Doing your professional job,but making moneys with your side jobs".and My successfull aunthy said "Be a best men,you can!!!change your statue,change your style,you deserve to got it,even not now but someday a miracle will come to you".That advises always motivating me to be changed,i can do what the other can do,but in the right way.Please help me God,show me the miracles.Only u can realize it.Insya ALLAH.


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