How us now?

January 05, 2007

See u now. Maybe, we should to take a title "How us now?" to the blogger.It just some information about me and my family right now,exist in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.Until this time,two places separated me and mywife,also my daughter.While i wrote it in Sigli cyber cafe, my family stayed at Langsa,its about 350-400km or 6-7 hours far away from me.I was so lonely, i need my family right now, u should know that i never left them for more than 3 days, and now it had for a week.The best experience that i got before, when i left Sylla, my daughter for 4 days, she was angry and cried when i hold her, how sad i am......And i dont want it happens again and again.Today, she got a sick, influenza and cough without fever, i always contact my wife for her ill.But, a thing that can make me happy, she likes a new baby milk formula, MORINAGA (we changed it couple days ago, because she is 6 months now), and the recent story told by Fika that Sylla more stronger than before.She was broken the playtool those we bought in Bogor. I miss both of them,I miss u my angel and my life. Take it as the lessons,and believe it as the ways that will bring us to a new beautifull and better life. I love u Fika and Sylla.


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